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The magician who realizes dreamlike sceneries you've once longed for

  ; the sceneries of beautiful

    yet ephemeral world. 


  izuma is a magician who emphasizes her emotional and colorful rendition.  


 Her rich and outstanding expression of fantastic sceneries making her stand out from many other magicians.

 2011 Magic World Competition FISM Japan representative,

 2018 North America representative.

 She is one of the 11th Heaven Artists, the officially certificated artists of Tokyo.

 She also performed overseas such as Hong Kong, Macao, Thailand, etc.

and in 2016-17, also doing at the Japanese Embassy in Korea, and at the International Magic Convention in India and performing TV appearances.

 In addition to the wonder of magic tricks, it attracts a lot of audiences in a world view full of breathtaking poetry,  and perform not only in theaters but also museums or tangible cultural assets etc. are also expanding the range of activities.

awards / guest


2013 - Taiwan【magic festival "RIC" 】 ... The 1st PRIZE
2014 - China【magic convention “International tournaments" 】 ... The 2nd & Special PRIZE

2015 - Beijing【magic convention “International Magic Convention”】 ... The 2nd PRIZE
2015 -Thailand【Bangkok SIAM street festival】 ... Guest 
2016 - Indonesia【Jakarta magic festival】 ... Guest
2016 - Korea【Embassy of Japan in Korea Cultural Center】 ... Guest
2016 - India【magic convention “MANTHRA2016”】 … Guest
2016 - 【DAIDOGEI World Cup in Shizuoka】 ... ON Performance    

2017 - Korea【Embassy of Japan in Korea JAPAN WEEK】 … Guest
2017 - Korea【Gimchon International theatre festival】 ... Guest 
2018 - Magic World Competition FISM 【North America representative】
2018 -  Beijing【magic convention “International Magic Convention”】 … Guest

2018 - 【DAIDOGEI World Cup in Shizuoka】 ... ON Performance    
2018 - Taiwan【international magic convention TMA】 ... The 2nd & Special PRIZE 
2019 - Korea 【Alexander magic convention】...Guest
2019 - Japan 【Tenyo magic festival】 ...Guest
2019 - New caledonia 【festival international de Magie】  ...Guest
2019 - Taiwan【international magic convention TMA】  ...Guest
2019 - Macau【SHANGHAI MAGAU Life magic festival】  ...Guest
2020 - France【French Tour  Vive la Magie」 …Guest
2020 - Magic World Competition FISM 【JAPAN representative】



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 ・Mie-TV  "OBANCHIi"

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