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The magician who realizes dreamlike sceneries you've once longed for

  ; the sceneries of beautiful

    yet ephemeral world. 

  izuma is a magician who emphasizes her emotional and colorful rendition.  


  Her rich and outstanding expression of fantastic sceneries makes her stand out from many other magicians.  It leads her to perform in "Magic of Magic", the stage show sponsored by Agenciy for Cultural Affairs held in 2009 and 2010. 


  In 2011 she represented Japan to compete in the world magic championship, known as FISM, and performed in the Asia qualifying.


  She is one of the 11th Heaven Artists, the officially certificated artists of Tokyo. 


  She also performs outside of Japan, Hong Kong and Macau for example. Recently she is also active in dance performance and street shows to expand her activities.



 【Japan Jugglig Festival 】 ,,,  Championship Female Section FINALIST


 【The 10th 日本海 magic festival   Contest 】 ...  The 3rd PRIZE

 【The 11th Tokyo official-recognition performer license 】 ...  Pass and get the license

 【Kyoto magic contest festival 】 ...  the Grand PRIZE and Secial PRIZE


 【Puri-ara magic contest 】 ...  Special PRIZE

 【Hong Kong magic show "Mid Summer Magic Show 2012" 】 ...  Performance

 【Macao magic show "2012 WORLD MAGIC STARS GALA SHOW" 】 ...  Performance


 【Taiwan magic convention "TMA" 】 ...  RIC PRIZE

 【Taiwan magic festival "RIC" 】 ...  The 1st PRIZE

 【Koria magic convention “MIC" 】 ...  Guest

 【Taiwan magic convention “MUSE" 】 ...  Guest


 【China magic convention “International invitational tournaments" 】 ...  The 2st PRIZE & Special PRIZE


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 ・Mie-TV  "OBANCHIi"

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